A Fully Integrated Process

Chesapeake Wealth Management provides premium trust and estate services to complement our investment counsel, resulting in a fully integrated wealth and trust management process.

As professional trustees and executors, we act from a neutral, unemotional and independent standpoint, which is invaluable in family situations. We can relieve loved ones of administrative duties and liabilities and remove any concerns about a trustee or executor vacancy.

Senior Portfolio Manager, Bob Castleman

Chesapeake Wealth Management offers a wide variety of fiduciary services, all of which provide the advantages of professional supervision of your assets throughout your life, minimizing taxes and delays upon death, and protecting loved ones' inheritances from “creditors and predators.”

Our skill and judgment in handling complex estate matters is complemented by in-depth local knowledge and professional connections. We work closely with estate planning attorneys and accountants to ensure that clients leave behind the legacy they intend.


Protecting Inheritance

We can help minimize costs and delays upon death, protect loved ones' inheritances, and preserve legacies.

Local Professionals

Our team members are located in Williamsburg, the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and Richmond.

Neutral Standpoint

As professional trustees and executors, we act from a neutral and independent standpoint, which can be invaluable in family situations.

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