How Chesapeake Bank Protects You 

Please see our SECURITY ALERTS page for the most recent information on security issues.
In addition to regular updates, Chesapeake Bank takes the following precautions to protect each and every customer:

  • All checking account customers are automatically enrolled in our basic ID THEFT PROTECTION SERVICE. Even greater protection is available with our IDSafeChoice Plus premium service.
  • On our website, we regularly provide alerts on fraud, phishing and other illegal web activity. In addition, we create and maintain helpful videos and other presentations containing advice for our customers regarding protecting their digital transactions.
  • Chesapeake Bank monitors your accounts for suspicious activity. If we see something out of the ordinary, we'll contact you to verify you've authorized the suspicious transaction.
  • Unauthorized signature-based checkcard transactions are reimbursed 100 percent if your checkcard or CheckCard number is stolen (for details, contact your local branch).
  • You'll receive provisional credit to your checking account within five business days of making a fraudulent activity claim (for details, contact your local branch).
  • If your checkcard is lost or stolen, call our 24-hour hotline to have the card cancelled immediately. 866-344-2437
  • PHOTO CHECKCARDS are available for you to add an additional layer of security.
  • Your user ID and password for online banking protect you by confirming your identity.
  • Chesapeake Bank uses a multifactor authentication system with online banking to ensure you are authorized to enter online even from another computer.
  • Online banking automatically times out and terminates your session after an extended period of inactivity.
  • Firewalls are in place to provide another layer of security for your online banking information.
  • We handle your bill payment claims for you.
  • You control who is paid and when they are paid through the bill payment feature of online banking.
  • Your bill payment information is kept secure.