Save for a rainy day, a vacation or that something special you've always wanted without accumulating debt. 

Whatever your financial goals, reach them more quickly with a Chesapeake Bank savings account.

Totally-Free Savings

With a Chesapeake Bank savings account, you’ll earn interest on your savings and receive monthly statements.

Solo Savings

If you don’t have a checking account with us, this savings account with quarterly statements is the option for you.

Moola (Youth Savings)

Help kids under 22 experience the responsibilities and rewards of saving. Special prizes recognize and encourage savers under age 13.

Automatic Christmas Club Accounts 

Save money for the holidays (or property taxes) with automatic monthly or weekly deposits into this account that does not allow withdrawals during the year.


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Minimum to Open $100 $200 $10 $25
Service Charge $0 $4/Quarter Unless $500 Minimum $0 $0
Minimum balance to Earn $100 $100 $10 $25
Statement Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly
Excess Withdrawal/Transfer Charge None $1/Item None Prior 
to Maturity at Holidays

Contact me with more information about this account
Contact me with more information about this account
Contact me with more information about this account
Contact me with more information about this account

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calculators that fit your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I access and manage my account?

A: You may choose to have an ATM card. You may make withdrawals or transfers at any ATM (foreign ATM fees may apply). Please, visit our ONLINE BANKING page to learn more about managing your account online.

Q: How many withdrawals and transfers may I make from my account?

A: You may make up to six withdrawals and three transfers per month.

Q: What are the fees associated with my account?

A: Most of our savings accounts are service charge free (see the Compare Accounts tab). To see any miscellaneous fees associated with your account check our FEE SCHEDULE.

Tips & Advice

We recommend the following sites for financial advice.

Kiplinger Finance

MSN Money

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