With Chesapeake Bank you can now round up every transaction, and save the remaining change.

It works like this:

Once you enroll your Chesapeake Bank debit card you’ll be able to RoundUp any single transaction to the nearest $1 and then deposit the remaining change into your designated savings or checking account. 

RoundUp Infographic

As an example, let’s look at a typical morning

Spend $3.25 at a local coffee shop and RoundUp will transfer $0.75.

Spend $29.60 at the gas station and $0.40 gets transferred.

Spend $18.20 at the florists and $0.80 is transferred.

Altogether, one morning of errands helped you save an extra $1.95

RoundUp will add all of your debit card transactions and transfer the total to your designated account daily.

Over a week, a month, or a year that could really add up.

So are you ready to sign up for RoundUp? Enroll today