Want to start Text Banking? Just text us. It's fast, safe and easy.

If you are not already enrolled in Text Banking, text “ENROLL CHESBANK” from your mobile device to (855) 435-0049. We’ll call you within one business days to verify your account and activate the service. Need help to get started? Call 877-436-9032 to talk to a Chesapeake Bank representative. Then start banking anywhere, anytime via text.

Text Banking Commands: 

  • Account Balances of Enrolled Text Banking Accounts: BAL
  • Specific Account Balance: BAL[space]last four account digits
  • Last Five Transactions of Enrolled Text Banking Accounts: HIST
  • Specific Account History: HIST[space]last four account digits
  • Transfer Funds Between Enrolled Text Banking Accounts:XFER[space]last four account digits from[space]last four account digits to[space]amount
  • Need help? We’ll text you all the info you need: HELP
  • Want to stop Text Banking?: SUSPEND or STOP

Please note that commands aren’t case-sensitive, and the text banking function won’t work if you have an automated signature set up on your mobile device.

Text banking alerts like balance and transaction alerts can be managed in Online Banking or your Chesapeake Bank Mobile app. Once logged in, browse to: Profile & Settings>> Text Alerts>> Click Add Alert

Or if you have quick question, just text your branch!

Because texting is quick and easy, you can now text your favorite local branch using the main number at each location listed below. Send us a text during branch hours and we'll text you back.