Digital Debit Cards

With our new Digital Debit Card option, Chesapeake Bank customers can create debit cards for use in online transactions, travel, and for any other purpose. This option is exclusively created for Chesapeake Bank customers, and was designed to make spending money online safer than ever!


Create a second debit card in minutes within our Chesapeake Bank app.


Your Digital Debit Card lets you turn your card on or off with ‘in app’ controls.


The Digital Debit Card draws from your checking account — not a second one.

What is special about a Digital Debit Card?

The Digital Debit Card has the same protections and benefits of a physical debit card and is immediately available to use in the mobile app. The following are a few examples of how a Digital Debit Card can be useful:

  • Virtual cards cannot be stolen because they — in effect — don’t exist. As long as your mobile device is secure, you can use the digital card with confidence.
  • If you use a Digital Debit Card to manage recurring payments with a specific merchant, you can lock the card when the recurring relationship ends, and unlock the card at a later date.  
  • Ease of use. Forget your wallet in the car or prefer not to carry one?  As long as you have your phone, you can access your mobile wallet and pay wherever digital cards are accepted. 
  • If your physical card is lost or stolen, you can have a Digital Debit Card issued. You can access your account in minutes while you order and wait for the physical card to be replaced.
  • If you use a Digital Debit Card number to reserve a hotel or rental car, you may be asked to present the card you used to secure the reservation when you check in. It's best to inquire about this before using a digital card to make a payment.

Follow these instructions to request your Digital Debit Card

  1. Log into the Chesapeake Bank app.
  2. Select the “Menu” button.
  3. Then, select the “Digital Cards” option. 
  4. Under the Digital Cards menu, select “Digital Debit Cards”
  5. On the Digital Debit Card page, select “Request A Card.” The request will be fulfilled in about one business day.  


How to videos for Digital Debit Cards

Need help?

See the responses below to frequently asked questions regarding our Digital Debit Card. If you still need assistance, please call our Solution Center at 877-436-9032.

If something is not working as expected, please report it to our team and an officer will be in touch shortly.

Digital Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Digital Debit Card?

It’s a digital version of our physical debit card. It can be used for online purchases and at points of sale where digital wallets are accepted. Save it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay​ and use it for contactless payment at participating businesses.

2. What if I want to have both a Digital Debit Card and physical debit card?

You can have both.

3. How do I use my Digital Debit Card?

You can use a Digital Debit Card the same way you use other cards, in the mobile wallet.

If you wish to enter the number, you may copy/paste the information from your online banking by browsing to: Debit Cards » Digital Debit Cards » Select the button “Copy Card Number.” Then paste this information into the site where you are making a transaction.

4. Does the Digital Debit Card have the same card number as my physical card?

No, your Digital Debit Card number is unique, and will not be the same as any other card you carry.

5. How do I tell which card was used for a purchase?

In your transaction history the last four digits of the card number will be displayed. If you’re looking in Online Banking, you can toggle to the details to see the full statement description.

6. Where is the CVV code?

On a Digital Debit Card, the CVV code is located on the face of the image of your card. For a physical debit card it is usually found on the back of the card.

7. I had fraud on my Digital Debit Card, what do I do?

Go to Debit Cards in online banking or the ChesBank mobile app. Select “Lock” or “Unlock a Card.” You may temporarily lock a card or choose to report it lost or stolen. A dispute may be filed as usual.

If you need to dispute a transaction, you may do so in your transaction history, as long as the transaction is not in a “pending” status. Select the three dots beside the transaction, select dispute, then follow the prompts.

8. Can I get a Digital Debit Card for my business account?

The Digital Debit Card for Business is coming soon! 

9. Can I have more than one Digital Debit Card to share with family members on my account?

It is not recommended to give debit cards or numbers to other users, even if they are family members. We recommend that each account holder or user, be added to the account to receive their own card.

Even though it is convenient to share cards and account information, fraud and security concerns often occur in situations like these. It is also harder to track down, and dispute fraudulent charges when multiple parties are using the same number.

10. Can I customize the way the Digital Debit Card looks in my mobile wallet?

Not at this time.