Thanks to a partnership with the company Prizeout, we’re excited to offer a unique way for you to share gifts with friends, loved ones, or even employees — our ChesBank Virtual Gift Cards! Login to our Chesapeake Bank app to find a selection of local companies and national brands who have signed up to offer you Virtual Gift Cards, which often come with discounts or rewards!

To get started with our ChesBank Virtual Gift Cards, check out our How-To Videos and the Frequently Asked Questions section. 


Virtual Gift Cards how-to videos:

We’ve created a series of videos to walk you through how the ChesBank Virtual Gift Cards work. We hope that you enjoy using this new product to share gifts with friends, family, and coworkers! 

Where to Find Virtual Gift  Cards in Online Banking
How to Send a ChesBank  Virtual Gift Card
What it looks like to Receive a  ChesBank Virtual Gift Card
How Bonuses work with  Virtual Gift Cards

Follow these instructions to begin purchasing Virtual Gift Cards:

  1. Log into the Chesapeake Bank app.
  2. Open up the gifting feature in your Chesapeake Bank app.
  3. Select your recipient
  4. Choose a brand for them or decide to let them choose
  5. Add a customized mention and hit send!


Shop your favorite brands

The Prizeout marketplace is filled with popular brands, making it easy for you to find the perfect gift. Not sure of what they’ll love? Send them funds to choose their brand of choice!
Get more for your money — or better yet, our exclusive offers add bonus value to your gift — so it’s worth more than you pay for it!

Need help?

See the responses below to frequently asked questions regarding the ChesBank Virtual Gift Card. If you still need assistance, please call our solution center at 877-436-9032. If something is not working as expected, please report it to our team and an officer will be in touch shortly.


Virtual Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is a ChesBank Virtual Gift Card powered by PrizeOut?

Chesapeake Bank offers our customers the ease and flexibility of having access to a virtual gift card purchasing platform. Customers can send virtual gift cards directly from our mobile banking app as well as on desktop banking through our navigation menu under Login > Payments and Transfers > Send a Virtual Gift Card

2. Who can use the ChesBank Virtual Gift Card powered by PrizeOut?

a. Any Chesapeake Bank customer with an active deposit account in good standing. This also includes our business

     i. It’s a great way to say “happy birthday”, “job well done” or a simple “thank you for being awesome teammate!”

3. Where can I find the ChesBank Virtual Gift cards to send?

a. Under Payments & Transfers in desktop banking/mobile banking, you can select ‘Send a Virtual Gift Card’. From there, our app will launch into the PrizeOut marketplace where you can select ‘Send a gift’.

b. Then you will have two options:

     i. Let your recipient pick a gift – your recipient will receive an email or text to choose a gift card by browsing for themselves and select from the list of available merchants and

    ii. Choose a card for them – You will browse the list of available merchants and businesses to select the specific gift card that you’d like to send.

4. Once I create a contact to send a gift card, can I edit the information in case someone has changed their phone number or email address?

Yes, there is an edit function that allows edits to contacts list.

5. I sent a gift to the wrong email address, what do I do?

a. Gift cards sent to incorrect contact info cannot be canceled.

b. If the card is not redeemed within 30 days the funds will be returned to you.

c. Please send an email to Prize Out support to see if the gift card can be recovered.

6. How is the gift card received?

Recipients will receive a notification by text or email that a new gift card is waiting. Screen shots coming soon.

7. How is the bonus calculated?

When you send a virtual gift card, your account is debited for the value which you have selected. The cost to the customer when selecting a gift card will not include the bonus value as that additional bonus is funded by the

     i. A $15 gift card that offers a 15% bonus value is selected. Your account will be debited $15, and the bonus added is $2.24. The sum of that gift card is now valued is now $17.24.

8. Does the recipient I send a gift card to need to be a customer of Chesapeake Bank?

Not at all. Once they receive a text or email notifying them that they’ve received a gift, they will clickthe link to be redirected to the PrizeOut platform. From there, they can choose how they would like to use their gift card. They can keep it and use it later or redeem

9. Can I send myself a gift card and take advantage of the bonus offering?

Absolutely! We have had several early adopters purchase and redeem bonus dollars with merchants such as; Airbnb and Instacart. Take advantage of the bonus values when you can!

10. Are there any fees associated with purchasing the ChesBank Virtual Gift Card?

No. Unlike the activation fees that consumers are charged when purchasing a gift card at grocery or department stores, the Chesbank Virtual Gift Card does not charge any fees to the sender or recipient.

11. I sent a gift to someone and they deleted it how do they get it back?

You can send a message to PrizeOut’s support channel here.

12. My gift shows as pending what should I do?

Sometimes a gift card takes a few minutes to process.

13. I want to send a gift card to all of my employees; can I do that?


14. What are the limits, I want to send a really big gift card?

Sorry, for security reasons you’ll need to call us if you’re having trouble with a large purchase: 877-436-9036