Savings Account Features

All of Chesapeake Bank’s personal savings accounts come with these rock-solid, customer-centric features:

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Low Minimum Balances

Start saving today with a low minimum opening balance on several of our savings accounts.

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Online Account Access

Quick and easy electronic services, including Online Banking, Mobile Banking, e-Statements, and Touch-Tone Teller.

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Earn Interest

Apply in minutes and watch your money grow with interest.

Compare Personal Savings Accounts

Money Market

Money Market 

Setup an account that adjusts with the flow of the market. It just makes savings easier that way. Open a Money Market account in your nearest branch.

Youth Savings

A Youth Savings Account is a savings account for individuals under 21 years of age that reports all transactions and interest earned through quarterly

Christmas Club

Save money for the holidays (or property taxes) with automatic monthly or weekly deposits into this account that does not allow withdrawals during the year.

Clear Sky Accounts

Clear Sky Savings is a high-yield, online savings account with no monthly fees, available exclusively at Chesapeake Bank.


Looking for More Personal Banking Options?

Make the Most of Your Savings

If you want to be at the low end of the risk/reward spectrum, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) from Chesapeake Bank might be the right choice for you. IRAs are another savings option and offer the added advantage of tax benefits.

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