PCI Compliance Questionnaire

  1. Login to the ControlScan website: Please note: When logging in, please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari as the web browser** If you are using Internet Explorer the pages may not load properly.

  2. Enter username and password: You should have received an email with your login (usually the email address provided on your merchant application) with a link to set your password and security questions. If you need assistance logging in please contact us at 757-941-1335.

  3. Once you are logged in click on the red box labeled “Start Questionnaire”

    PCI Questionnaire screen

  4. The SAQ will launch the introduction page – click next in the right-hand corner

  5. Verify the information
  6. Make any necessary corrections
  7. Click Next

    Company Information

  8. Answer the following question as it applies to your business and select Next

    3rd party relationship screen

  9. Select your business type from the list (multiple selections can be made as applicable) and select Next


  10. Answer the following question and select Next

    Payment related services

  11. Select the processing method(s) that applies to your business and click Next

    Select processing method

  12. Answer the Eligibility question(s) and click Next

    stored info question

  13. Your questionnaire will be assembled and you may continue to answer the remaining questions
  14. The status bar will tell you how many questions you have based on the processing method you selected and update the % as you move through the questionnaire

    Status Bar

  15. The final page of the SAQ will display “SAQ Attestation” Sign your name and select the check box and then click Attest

    Please type name screen

  16. If your processing method requires an internet connection – over Ethernet or Wi-Fi a scan may be required
  17. Follow the prompts to set up your first scan by selecting the Go to Scan link

    Scanning screenshot

  18. From this page select the Add Scan Targets link

    Scan results data

  19. Enter your IP Address displayed and select save
  20. Once saved select the link to “Schedule Scan”
  21. Select the best time to complete your scan and select schedule
  22. The scan will begin at the scheduled time
  23. Once the scan has completed please log back in to view the results
  24. You may be required to attest to the results by provided a brief explanation or simply signing your name
  25. If you receive a failed scan the results will provide an explanation of what caused the scan to fail
  26. Failures can be the result of being blocked by a firewall, open ports on your wireless router or your router may require a patch or update. If you receive a failed result and are not sure what to do next, please contact us at 757-941-1335 or Secure Edge at 1-800-370-9180 for assistance.

Need Help? Our team and the SecureEdge team are here to answer any of your questions:

  • CPS Support 757-941-1335 Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm EST
  • SecureEdge Support 1-800-370-9180 Mon-Fri 8:30am to 8:00pm