Point of Sale

Chesapeake Payment Systems provides a wide range of Point of Sale (POS) systems from leaders in the industry. We work from your wants and needs related to your business to find the best solution for you.

CPS Point of Sale

Chesapeake Point of Sale

Chesapeake Payment Systems offers a point of sale system that is versatile for multiple customer types and industries. We provide first line service of the point of sale and help with build out and installation.


Customer Loyalty Programs

Build long-lasting customer relationships with a customer database and management platform

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Web-based back-end office available for you to access in real-time

Clip Board

Inventory Management

Robust inventory platform that is accessible anywhere there is a WiFi connection

Employee Management

Employee Management

Time and attendance functions available for all business types

Alternate Point of Sale Systems

Chesapeake Payment Systems is also able to integrate with various software systems. Please contact us for additional information and see what compatible options are available.

Other Pain of Sales

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