Point of Sale

Chesapeake Payment Systems provides a wide range of Point of Sale (POS) systems from leaders in the industry. We work from your wants and needs related to your business to find the best solution for you.

CPS Point of Sale

Chesapeake Point of Sale

Chesapeake Payment Systems offers a point of sale system that is versatile for multiple customer types and industries. We provide first line service of the point of sale and help with build out and installation.

Customer Management

Our customer management software will organize customer information into unique profiles that include contact information, order history, and custom notes. Real-time analytics will also show you in-depth reporting such as top spenders, frequent visitors, birthdays, and more.

eCommerce & Online Ordering

Save money with integrated online ordering and eCommerce platforms. Operate your business seamlessly whether you are operating in an online-only environment or a storefront; pull from the same inventory, enjoy a merged loyalty program, utilize cash discounting, and more.


In the world of business, a one-time customer is a lost opportunity. If you can manage to increase your customer retention rate by just 5%, your profits will increase anywhere from 25% to 95%. We make it easy to turn one-time visitors into loyal regulars. Our software allows you to customize incentives and reward your customers for their loyalty.

Time & Attendance

Create employee schedules, track availability, and calculate daily personnel cost. Our color-coded system makes it easy to see who is working and when. Full time-in/ time-out functionality converts hours directly into payroll for easy payroll calculations.


Create new orders, pull up order history, and accept full or partial payment. Make invoicing a customer easy with detailed reporting and options for cash discounting and credit card surcharges.


Save time and money with automated scheduling software that works with your calendar to automatically check your availability and schedule, regardless of what type of business — salon, spa, fitness, or medical office. Not only does this powerful tool handle 24/7 scheduling, it is also fully integrated with our POS devices, email marketing, reports and so much more. View multiple service providers' schedules on one screen and change your availability and reschedule appointments when necessary.


Use customer analytics to your advantage! Our automated suggestions provide you with informed strategies and messages to bring customers back and increase sales. Send coupons to customers that you haven’t seen for a while, create discounts on specific items, and reward your customers for their loyalty.


Our analytics track inventory in real time. Daily reports identify sales trends, analyze your products sold, and notify you when inventory is low. Our automatic reordering feature allows you to schedule deliveries and track products to make sure you always have what your customers want!

Alternate Point of Sale Systems

Chesapeake Payment Systems is also able to integrate with various software systems. Please contact us for additional information and see what compatible options are available.

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