Fraud & Security Resources

We’re serious about fraud and we take every precaution to prevent it and keep you safe. To learn more about the specific measures that we take, read our Security Statement. Fraudsters are always changing the way that they do business. We’ve provided a few additional tools on this page to keep you up to date.

Actions You Can Take

Report a card lost or stolen

Has your card been lost or stolen?
Here is how to report it.


Dispute a transaction or ACH

Have a transaction on your account that you don't remember making here is how to do it step by step.


Set up text alerts

Use text alerts like balance threshold and daily balances to monitor your account for irregular behaviors. 


Blog Posts:

ID Theft

ID Theft Protection

Identity theft is consistently a leading complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Rampant data breaches, affecting millions of records, are putting consumers at great risk of identity theft. It can happen to anyone—regardless of your age and income, where you live, or how careful you are.

Have you been a victim of ID theft or want to learn how Chesapeake Bank protects its customers? 

Learn MORE