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Why Choosing A Local Merchant Service Provider Matters

On May 18, 2018 one of the biggest events of the year for the Mathews Land Conservancy began. The 20th Annual Tour De Chesapeake Cycling event was just kicking off.  While the race is 8-5 on Saturday, many riders come in on Friday to preregister, buy merchandise, and to participate in other activities throughout the town.

Around 10 p.m. on Friday when Lynda Smith Greve was finally able to sit down and settle the transactions for the day, she came across a message on the credit card machine. But only processing transactions once a year, for this event, she couldn’t remember what the message meant. Nor could she bypass it to continue on. With the event starting again at 6:00am Saturday morning, she grew anxious and reached out to the local branch Manager, Cathy Mise and requested help.

Cathy promptly contacted our Chesapeake Payment Systems Merchant Service and Support Team and explained the situation to them. While several members began researching the issue online, another team member, Joe, hopped in the car to drive from his home in Norge to the office in Williamsburg so that he could start prepping a new terminal for delivery that night if needed. While in the car he contacted Lynda to handle any troubleshooting that could be done over the phone.

The good news, it was a simple setting that was able to be resolved during the call.

Why this matters

In the merchant services world, most support is national, not local. Meaning that if a new terminal was needed, there would have been shipping and delivery considerations that may not have gotten resolved over the weekend, much less ‘same day.’ In this case, because the Mathews Land Conservancy chose to bank local they were able to reach out to someone they knew personally, and experience a resolution before their next event, less than 10 hours away.

“I can’t say enough great things about how this company worked together quickly to fix my problem after hours on a Friday night!  Great customer service is alive and well with them!” says Lynda Smith Greve, of the Mathews Land Conservancy and Tour de Chesapeake event.

It was our pleasure Lynda. That’s what we’re here for!

If you would like more information about credit card processing for your small business, please contact Chesapeake Payment Systems at 757-941-1335.

For more information about Tour De Chesapeake or the Mathews Land Conservancy, you may contact them at 804-725-9685.