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White House Meeting Includes Chesapeake Bank President & CEO

In March of 2017, a group of community bankers, including Chesapeake Bank President & CEO Jeff Szyperski met with President Trump to discuss the state of community banking across the country.

Jeff was one of nine community bankers – and the only one from Virginia – invited to the White House to speak about current regulations impacting community banking.

“Community banking plays a significant role in the growth of our economy, and I was grateful to be a part of the conversation,” Jeff said.

The White House invited attendees to meet with President Trump to discuss how the current regulatory environment affects the ability of community banks to serve customers and drive economic growth. The meeting included chief executives from nine community banks, along with the heads of the American Bankers Association and the Independent Community Bankers Association.

Jeff was later interviewed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch about his experience. A story about his meeting at the White House also appeared in the Daily Press.

What happened next? – The ABA Government Relations Summit

On Tuesday, March 22, Jeff attended the American Bankers Association’s annual Government Relations Summit. Jeff, along with six Chesapeake Bank bankers, joined more than 1,500 bankers at Capitol Hill to advocate for regulatory relief for community banks to be able to better serve their communities.

The Summit began with opening remarks by Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, followed by keynote presentations from the Senate Banking Committee, Senator Mike Rounds, White House economist Mark Calabria and a panel featuring ABA’s EVP and Government Relations Council Chairman.

The agenda included sessions with top personnel from the CFPB, FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve before Summit attendees visited their representatives on the Hill to build support for specific legislation affecting community banks.