If you asked 10 of your employees what your company does and why you might be surprised by how different their responses are. If you haven’t already, it’s essential to create a vision statement for your business.

You might be surprised to learn that a whopping 70 percent of employees don’t know what their organization’s vision statement is, or don’t understand it. But just because your organization’s work is complicated does not mean your vision statement should be.

According to Forbes, the vision statement “should require effort to create, but should not require effort to understand — externally and especially internally.”

Company culture should reflect the vision of your organization. Cultivating a vision that your employees can get behind starts with the hiring process, but doesn’t end there, Entrepreneur explains. When looking to achieve asynchronous workplace environment for everyone, Forbes provides two ways to ensure your culture and vision align.

As for us...

Our main mission at Chesapeake Bank is ‘It’s all About Community.' This motto determines the legislature that we endorse, the events that we take part in, and the areas and projects in which we serve.

Internally, we drill that down a little bit more specifically to guide our focus. While there is a lot more meat to the message below, we’ve come up with an acronym for the framework that gets straight to our point, making it easier for our employees to remember and adopt.

  • Employees are provided with a great place to work.
  • All customers find it easy to meet their financial goals with Chesapeake Bank and Chesapeake Wealth Management.
  • Shareholders earn an above-average return on their investment.
  • Your community benefits from the company's positive influence on its economy.

In turn, if we can keep our employees happy, this will benefit our customers, which will have a direct impact on shareholders’ investments. All of this together will take us back to the heart of the original mission — impacting our community by affecting all of the lives involved.