new website

We’ve got a new site and boy is it one to see!

On Monday, February 4, 2019, we were all on the edge of our seat as we launched the new and beautiful site. Okay, maybe not all of us. Most of our employees were handling business as usual with our customers — but the marketing team and a few other members were definitely building up to the big reveal.

But really — it wasn’t just one big reveal. There are a LOT of things on the new site that we’re excited about. Let’s look at a few.

  1. Chesapeake Wealth Management: First, you may know that our Investment and Trust Division, Chesapeake Wealth Management (CWM), previously had their own standalone site. As our sister company, we wanted CWM to be under the same “roof” since many financial matters affect all of our teams and companies. You now have a number of additional investment and fiduciary services available without ever leaving the bank site. These services include investment management, trust, and estate services, and a thorough, no-cost review of investment portfolios and estate plans by in-house professionals with the highest credentials in the financial industry.

  2. The blog: We frequently write articles, share tips, feature employees, and other ‘community news’, including invites, on our blog. Many of those articles link back to information that is already on our bank site, so it made sense to have them in the same place.

  3. Products and Services: We felt that our last site was a little bit like a digital brochure, listing products but not getting much deeper. But if we’re going to be your next bank, we want you to have the same confidence in what you’re getting. We’re more than a typical community bank and we’re proud of what makes us different. Hopefully, it’s easier for you to see that now as well.

  4. Chesapeake Payment Systems: CPS, as we lovingly refer to them, is another sister company. They were featured on our previous site but we felt like they deserved a lot more real estate and attention. Not many banks offer a merchant services program. Now when you visit their pages you can see the products that they offer and learn more about their partner programs and add-on services.

  5. The people: It’s not every day you can put ‘banker’ and ‘model’ on the same resume but now a number of our employees can. That’s right when you browse through our site, most of the people that you see are people that you will actually find when you visit some of our branches. Take a look. Is there anyone that you know?

  6. Team Pages: We have added team pages for all of the management team and our calling officers. You can sort by region or division. When you find the person that you’re looking for, you can click on their picture to acquire contact information and to learn a little bit more about that person.

  7. Careers: We believe that we’re a ‘Great Place to Work’ and want you to why. So, the careers section now goes into a little more depth about the benefits of working here, training opportunities, and our company culture. We also hope that finding open positions are a little easier now too!

  8. Events: Alas, fun times. We love to get involved in our communities and we’re firm believers in the adage ‘the more the merrier’. So we have added a section just for that! It will tell you about all of the events and sponsorships that we have coming up. We have a bunch to add so check back soon! Then join us in person wherever we are.

These are most of the new features and we have a number of additions that we’re planning to include in the year ahead. You can also still apply for a mortgage, bank account, or business credit card all online. In case you didn’t know that you could do that before.

So without further ado, here is our site. Check it out. We hope you see why we’re excited. But more than that, we hope that you’re excited too!