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Top reasons why local banking relationships matter

Imagine walking into the bank and being greeted by name. And not in a phony, they-just-read-my-deposit-slip kind of way. We’re talking about a genuine greeting when you know the person remembered your last visit or transaction and they know what’s going on in your life. It may sound like a banking unicorn, but it’s a reality at many community banks.

Unlike at the big banks, community bankers experience day-to-day life just like you. They drive on the same roads, shop at the same markets and drop their kids off at the same schools you do. They know how the community operates and interacts – and that helps them connect with each customer and look out for their best interests.

On a personal level, community banks bring a list of benefits that other bigger banks can’t claim. Here are some of the top reasons why personal banking relationships should be a determining factor when you’re looking for a new banking partner.

Life happens.

The only constant is change. Everything from new babies to new businesses calls for an assessment of the state of your finances. Feeling like you can pick up the phone and talk with a banker who understands your financial situation will make all the difference. Whether it’s retirement, kids off to college, an unexpected financial burden or a sudden windfall, you should be working with someone who knows you and looks out for your financial wellbeing.

No two customers are the same.

Banking can’t be one size fits all. Every individual is experiencing a completely unique financial situation than the person who stood before them in line. Community banks understand this and have built a service model based on the customized needs of each customer.

Community first mindset.

It’s in their name but it’s worth mentioning again. Community banks are focused on the communities where they operate because that’s where they also live, work and play. They’re aware of the needs of the community and can often create positive change much faster as decision making is local. You’ll also find their employees serving within the community and volunteering on local nonprofits boards. Community bankers are the behind-the-scenes partners to your favorite boutiques, local farmers and restauranteurs. In fact, 43% of small business loans come from community banks! They’re essentially community bankers and community builders.

Now, we’re not suggesting that your community bank will (or should) be like your neighborhood “Cheers,” but we do think it’s important to bank … where everybody knows your name. (Attention: Cheers was a popular TV show in the late 80s. Yes, 30 years ago.)

If you’re banking with a community bank tell us why you switched. And if not, let’s keep this conversation going. Reach out to a branch today or stop in to learn more about how we can help you and your business make a positive impact in our communities.