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Tips for All Types to Give Back in the Community

How do you show love for your community? The best way might be to simply get involved in it! Giving back or getting active in the area doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming, and especially not boring. There’s something out there for every age and interest.

For the Animal Lover:

Local pet shelters are always looking for volunteers and foster parents, and it’s a great way to spend some time with your favorite cuddly critters. Taking a rescued dog out for a walk could be the highlight of both your and Fido’s day!

For the Sports Fanatic:

Joining a local athletic team or signing up at a fitness club is a great way to get active. What’s even better? Volunteer to be an assistant coach for an after-school sports team in the area to share your love of the game.

For the Foodie:

Check out the local farmer’s market for fresh produce and other delicious homemade goods. You can even sign up to be a vendor yourself if you want to share that secret family recipe. Also, many community centers offer cooking classes if you want to learn how to whip up a new dish.

For the Environmentalist:

Spend some time with the local recycling program in your area. You can find information to support a neighborhood clean-up, join a wildlife outing group or explore the parks and nature preserves.

For the Art Buff:

Treat yourself to a movie night at a film festival of aspiring community producers. Test your painting and pottery skills at a local arts museum or studio. Help out with a theater production or musical at your local high school, or assist with arts and crafts programs at a nearby nursing home or day care.

For the Socialite:

For those who like to give back by going out, be sure to follow the events pages for the causes you care about. Whether it’s a neighborhood association meeting, a family-friendly block party or a black-tie gala, nonprofits frequently hold events that make a big impact on their bottom line. Let’s raise a glass for giving back, going out, having fun and making a difference.

Try one of these options for yourself and start embracing the opportunities right outside your doorstep – you’ll feel great about getting involved and pick up some new skills and new friends along the way!