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Running a business or non-profit can be hard. It’s impossible to know how to fulfill every role and function. That’s why your friends at The UPS Store are here. In fact their tagline is "You cannot do it all at once, but you can do it ALL at The UPS Store."  

With central offices in Gloucester and Williamsburg, they are easy to find and use. Their mission is to be the solution to problems for individuals and small businesses in our communities.

You might be surprised to discover that they employ not one-but two talented Graphic Designers that can create logos and other custom creative content. With the variety of professional-grade equipment, they can also print large and wide format items, like banners, canvas, and blueprints in addition to their standard services, i.e., shipping, scanning, faxing, notary, passport photos, and shredding.


While the internet has become an integral part of the American lifestyle. It is, however, no substitute for the personalized service that you can receive from a business in your community. One example that is seen by their staff is in Graphic Design and Print Services.

The average American does not know the difference between 20 lb. and 28 lb. paper, or between Coro-foam and Coroplast, etc. The UPS Store can address those differences with the customer and give them the chance to feel the difference in products. You cannot touch digital products before purchasing them, nor can you always see the final result until it has arrived if you order something online.

Also, as a 27 year US Navy veteran, Eddie has proudly transitioned his ‘service’ from our country, to the local communities. His store was involved in the shipment of purchased and donated generators to Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by a hurricane. They’ve also sent diapers, and similar items, to undeveloped countries during other local annual drives.Store Manager, Eddie Montero, The UPS Store

“We get to donate and be involved with the non-profits when they need support. We also get to be a part of neighboring businesses expanding their product lines and marketing. I have been helped by others in my career. I am happy to give back and pay it forward. The UPS Store is a way that I can do that.” -Eddie Montero [Shown right]


Eddie wants to inspire and encourage others to own their own business too. When we asked what advice he’d share with another entrepreneur, his reply was “Know what you do best and concentrate on that.” This message ties right into his mission of aiding those businesses in any way possible.

He goes on to explain that if you can outsource the rest of the tasks associated with your business, it will allow you to concentrate on that which you do best. For example: “If you own a restaurant, allow a lawyer to handle legal issues, a CPA to handle the accounting, and marketing materials to be handled by an expert in that field, like The UPS Store. Do not spend precious time performing those tasks which require specific knowledge to take away from your main subject matter expertise."

"One of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can do is to try to do it all and allow for the main mission of the business to degrade.” Whether it is a logo design for a new business, supporting a non-profit, or taking a passport photo so that a customer can go on a dream vacation, Eddie’s biggest wish is to have his store(s) be the “Epicenter of growth, by the use of our services, aiding those in the community.”


Eddie and his business partner, Rick Poeppelmeier, have been in business for five years with their locally owned and operated UPS Stores. Chesapeake Bank has been with them since the beginning. They provide glowing reports of our staff, but Eddie says that one of his favorite things about doing business with us is our ‘all hands on deck’ attitude. When he comes in with multiple deposits, his business isn’t the responsibility of only one teller; our team splits up the work whenever possible. “They seem to get me in and out of the bank in the shortest amount of time so that I can concentrate on my next task at hand. A trip to the bank is never a burden for us. It is a true pleasure. Jill and her staff are top-notch.”       

If you’d like to contact The UPS Store, please visit their listing in our directory.

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