The Master Craftsman: Art Gustus, The Professional Brush

For Art Gustus, becoming a painter was a stroke of luck. “I got into the painting profession by accident,” says Gustus, owner of The Professional Brush. “I was twenty-years-old and engaged to be married. I went out to Oklahoma to take a metal fabrication class. An older gentleman offered me a job painting while I was in school. He took me under his wing and taught me the painting trade. Well, I completed the metal fabrication class, but I realized I preferred painting to metal fabrication.”

Gustus returned to Virginia and married his fiancée, Rhonda. They lived in North Carolina while Gustus honed his painting craft for five years. Two children later and still painting, Gustus moved back to the Northern Neck with his family and established The Professional Brush.

“The Professional Brush specializes in interior painting for new construction, existing homes and local businesses like Chesapeake Bank and The Tides Inn. We’ve built a reputation on doing what we promised and when we promised, working quietly and carefully, protecting customers’ furniture and other precious items as we work,” says Gustus.

Although most of The Professional Brush’s clients are located in Lancaster, Northumberland and Middlesex counties, Gustus occasionally travels to other locations. “If we’ve done work locally for a client with a second home, we will travel to Richmond or Williamsburg to paint their primary home,” says Gustus.

Banking on the Go

Gustus was first introduced to Chesapeake Bank through his daughter who went to work for the bank. “Chesapeake Bank took a real interest in my daughter. So, I decided to open an account with them. They took a real interest in me, too. So, when my daughter got married and moved away, I stayed with Chesapeake Bank,” says Gustus.

“With Chesapeake Bank, I can manage my finances on the go. I use the myMobile app to check account balances and to make mobile deposits. And, when I need to go into the bank, everyone is always so friendly and helpful,” says Gustus.

Future Plans

“I have a great crew. I’m looking forward to the day when I can spend more time managing my business instead of doing the painting,” says Gustus. When asked what he hopes for the future, Mr. Gustus replied, “I want to travel more with my wife Rhonda and master the art of making gumbo.” Yum!

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