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Small Business Tip: Don’t forget the business cards

In the age of technology, some professionals and business owners may be doubting the effectiveness of business cards. While everything seems to be going paperless, these little cards still provide a big impact. If you’re questioning whether business cards are a thing of the past, here are four reasons why you should reconsider.

Business cards (still) make you look more professional

Believe it or not, most business people still use business cards. The importance of a first impression is something technology will not ever take away. If everyone else has a business card and you don’t, it doesn’t reflect you in the best light. Be prepared to be asked for a business card, and make a professional first impression by providing one.

Business cards make exchanging information faster and easier

Pulling out a business card requires only a few seconds and is often easier than pulling out your phone at a networking event or business meeting. Networking successfully relies on your ability to exchange information with someone with ease, and having enough business cards for everyone you meet is a must.

Business cards can show off your personal brand or creativity

You can’t truly display your personal style by sharing your contact information, but a business card offers multiple ways to visually show off your creativity. From displaying upcoming events, coupon codes and fun facts about you and your business, the opportunities are endless to make your cards stand out. Entrepreneur found some out-of-the-box examples of creative and unique business cards.

Business cards are the tool that keeps on working and the gift that keeps on giving.

Business cards have been valuable for so long because they don’t disappear. Unlike a phone call, voicemail or email, cards don’t get broken or deleted. They often get passed along and keep working for you long after they leave your hand.

Business people still consider cards a professional courtesy and they make exchanging information quicker and easier with no room for technological error. Plus, with design and printing services at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to design a business card to set your personal or business brand apart.