Travis Reynolds

Travis was hired this spring as the District Sales Manager of Virginia and Maryland for our Cash Flow Division. He came to us with seven years of previous bank experience that includes lending, management, retail banking, and business development. He also graduated from VCU with a degree in Economics.

While most of his days look like anyone else’s in the nine-to-five world; full of meetings, phone calls, and email, he is excited to educate others about ‘alternative lending,’ the most common type being factoring.

What this means is that if your company has accounts receivables, we can ‘purchase’ your invoices; paying you what your customers owe. In most cases, we can provide funds the next day too! This frees up the 90-120 day period that you would have to wait for payment from the customer, and allows you the funds to keep ’handling business’. Then we accept payments from your customers on their invoices and apply them to your account with us.

What excites Travis the most, aside from the success stories, is the enthusiasm from others when they learn about the program. Many people don’t know, and are surprised to learn, that that there is an honest, local, and bank-owned, alternative to traditional lending. It just so happens that networking with other bankers is also a key opportunity. While it would seem like competition, we can take a business that another bank had to turn down and get them on their feet. Then return them to the bank that they started with if the client chooses to do so. That becomes a triple win.

Because this solution allows us to use what the business already has in place, it feels more like a holistic approach with sustainable growth. Even when our service is not a good fit for someone, Travis still enjoys making other connections between people and the resources that they need.

Travis was also married in the spring and purchased a new home. He is a bass-fishing enthusiast visiting lakes and rivers as much as he can. Drop him a line. He may be able to help you make a catch worth talking about.

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