kat bryan

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to introduce Kathryn Bryan, known as ‘Kat’, our second graduate of the Management Trainee program.

She had just earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the College of William & Mary. Many of her fellow accounting graduates were off to start their new careers in places like D.C. and New York. She knew that she didn’t want to go that route, with a husband and two little girls at home. “I was looking for a certain work-life balance that wasn’t waiting for me in a big city.”

She’d always had an interest in banking but had no previous experience. In fact, she knew nothing about banking beyond her experience as a customer. But then she learned about the Management Trainee Program and reports that “When I saw that I had the education and experience wasn’t necessary, I was more than interested, I was excited!” So, she applied. Three exciting interviews and one personality assessment later, she became the bank’s next Management Trainee.

Kat is the second to graduate from this in-house program; one that was established in part as a solution to build bench strength toward succession planning. For this position, we hire recent or upcoming college graduates and let them see the array of jobs available in the financial world.

The trainee will spend one to several weeks within every department of our organization over the course of one year. Meetings are held with our human resources team throughout the year to gain feedback from the trainee; not just in their interest in the organization but also in processes that can be improved upon for newcomers and training. The goal at the end of that year is to match the employee in a position that they desire where there is an opening.

In Kat’s case, it worked out. She pretty much fell in love with our Cash Flow department from the beginning; a department that funds receivables and provides asset based lending for small businesses. At the time, they were changing some of their internal processes and pursuing a way to collect more online applications through digital channels.

She was hired as their Accounting Specialist last year; a position that didn’t exist previously. “Chesapeake Bank saw a need to be filled within their organization that aligned with my particular skill set and thus the job was created,” says Kat. She concludes with “They care about putting the right people in the right positions to help strengthen both. This was a unique opportunity and I am grateful to have been chosen. It truly is a great place to work.”

As for the Management Trainee Program, we recruit a new candidate annually. Ideal candidates for this position are considering the business field but may not have yet decided which focus. Qualified applicants can be internal or external. They MUST be a college graduate and a good cultural fit. Look for more details this fall 2019.