Invitation To Write

Invitation to Write

One of the tricky things about small business is that you don’t always have the means or the staff to manage useful tools. For example, you may not have a website or a person on your team that can teach you ‘all things’ social media. And even if you did, what on earth would you write on either platform?

It hardly seems like a venture worth your precious time.

But did you know
  • 81% of shoppers perform research online before making a purchase?
  • Two-thirds of in-store shoppers will check prices before doing the same.
  • 62% of Millennials feel that online content drives brand loyalty.

The real kicker – Three out of four customers are more likely to visit your store if they find the information you post online to be useful.

Now that we have your attention let us help!

You see, we know that YOU have the perfect business for our community. You have a great product and service. You also hold some pretty valuable information that could make all of your neighbors a little wiser when it came to the area of your expertise. Or better yet, you have some surprising reasons why someone should work with your LOCAL business instead of a big box or corporate chain.

If only you could get in front of the people driving past your door, every day.

Well, we have a website and social media. We share the same audience, and we can even help you write.

Whether you’re an avid writer or need a little help here, we’re inviting YOU to write a post for us.

Consider the possibilities

Your customers most likely ask the same kind of questions each day. Not just that, there is something that you wish all patrons knew about your business or its history. Let’s face it; you’ve got a neighbor that your passion was made to serve. Our audience will extend your reach, whether you’re…

  • A photographer sharing tips about how to prep for a photo shoot
  • In the food industry and can share advice on party hosting and pairing wines
  • In-home healthcare and have a fantastic list of resources that can help a family when they need it most
  • In sales and can help explain special features or benefits of products that customers might not know about

The truth is, we’re in the perfect position with an audience [ahem, community] that would love to hear your story!

So how would this work? Steps to start contributing

Come up with a topic or a few ideas you want customers to know about most. Check in with your teams; they have some great insight on the most frequently asked questions regarding your business and what your customers might be interested in.

Your topics and ideas will be reviewed by our marketing team who will contact you to discuss the subject matter, article copy, and collect more information if necessary. Once we have a final draft of the article or blog post, we’ll send you the proof. Once approved, we’ll post your contribution to our blog and social media channels. Some of the top-performing posts may even be featured in one of our e-newsletters!

We’ll let you know when it will be shared with our communities. (If you’re on social, feel free to chime in!) When it’s done, we’ll also tell you how it performed.

Are you in?

You can view what information is needed and also submit your entry HERE.

We can’t wait to read what you come up with!

The “fine print”

Because we want to help all our local merchants and friends, we can only publish one entry per business at this time. If we’re able to do a second post, we’ll reach back out to you. Entries are not guaranteed approval for our blog. Chesapeake Bank reserves the right to deny any content that may be inappropriate, incomplete or a conflict of interest.

All entries must come from businesses located in or serving Chesapeake Bank markets (Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, Williamsburg, and Richmond).