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I Care About: The Gloucester Community & YMCA

How do you capture what someone cares about when they care about so much? That’s the case we faced when we looked closer at Melissa Crawford’s charitable side. In a nutshell, she’s committed to all aspects of bettering her local community and spreading the good word about Chesapeake Bank as an employer and a community player.

Melissa has spent her 18 years with the bank developing close relationships with her co-workers and fostering partnerships in Gloucester on various boards and nonprofits. She has served as a crucial board member of both the Gloucester-Mathews Free Care Clinic and the Gloucester County Public Schools Educational Foundation.

After years of service doing admirable work for the greater good of Gloucester, Melissa is now turning her charitable efforts towards the YMCA. The newest branch of the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA opened early this year at the Gloucester Main Street Center. The high demand for a Gloucester community center had finally been met and Melissa has been quick to get involved.

Melissa’s love of family — both her own family and her work family – led her to devote more time to the YMCA. And to show its support, Chesapeake Bank awarded a $50,000 gift to jump-start the Gloucester Family YMCA Founders Campaign.

“It’s an honor to work for a company that ‘gets it’ and knows that our work is bigger than us,” said Melissa, VP/Business Development Manager at Chesapeake Bank. “Not only am I allowed to lend time and expertise to the community — I am encouraged to do it. That’s something special.”