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Holiday Hosting Tips

It’s the holiday season once again, and it seems as if the pressure is on. Whether it’s a family dinner or a more casual holiday celebration, be sure to celebrate, not commiserate the occasion.

It may be obvious, but according to HGTV,  when it comes to hosting the perfect holiday gathering, plan ahead and create to-do lists to keep you organized. You don’t have to do everything the day of a holiday gathering. Prepare dishes in advance and delegate tasks to other family members and friends. Also along the lines of preparedness, anticipate needs that may come up during the party and be ready for them (like having extra toilet paper in bathrooms and having trash bags ready to go).

Entertaining doesn’t have to break the bank. When it comes to the bar, have a simple selection of beer and wine, but decide on a signature cocktail and have it mixed up and ready to serve. This eliminates the need for having several spirits and mixers on hand. You can also cut costs by shopping smartly for décor. Just because there is a holiday theme, you don’t need to buy the holiday-specific décor. Instead of heading to the aisle that has holiday materials, head to the general section and get solid colors, which are sometimes cheaper than marked up holiday items.

Is the party over, but people are still hanging out? Ease them out the door by breaking out coffee and tea. Hopefully, the end of the night beverages will cue them to head home.

What are some of your tips for holiday hosting success?