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Handling Business On The Go

Time is always of the essence and as full-time employees, business owners, parents, (and more) we all have many roles to juggle. It can be hard to handle business during regular ‘business hours.’ At Chesapeake Bank, we understand that the world can’t always pause long enough for you to get to a drive-thru. So, here are some ways that we’d like to bring banking to you.

  1. Online Account Opening – That’s right! You can open one of our personalized checking or savings accounts right from our website. We offer several accounts where you can choose the features and/or interest rate that you’d like. Then make your initial deposit online ($100.00 minimum). It’s that simple.  - Open now

  2. Apply for a Mortgage – You may also apply for one of our home loans or learn more about grants and other special programs should you be considering the purchase of a new home or renovation in the near future. Apply now

  3. Online Banking - If you already have a checking or savings account with us, you should have access to our online banking portal. Within this site, you can transfer money, check balances, set up alerts, review statements, and even sign up to receive them electronically. Business customers will have significantly more features in their version of our online banking. [See the bottom of this post for more info.] – Enroll Now

  4. Mobile App – ‘On the go banking’ wouldn’t be complete without a mobile application. Our app has all of the same great features that you’ll find in our online banking portal. Additionally, you can make deposits by using the camera on your phone, tag transactions, and manage your debit card. Whether it’s lost or stolen, or if you simply want to take that amazing photo from your phone and place it on your debit card for the world to see, our app will get you there. - Download Mobile App

  5. Text Banking – We’re excited to offer two ways to text our bank. The first is through our automated process. You can enroll in text banking by texting “ENROLL CHESBANK” to 39257. After a brief verification that you’d like to receive texts, you will be able to text simple commands like BAL, HIST, or even XFER to make transfers and manage transactions.

    As of 2018, we also offer a text concierge feature which allows you to contact most of our branches by texting their main line. A representative that works at that branch will be happy to answer any questions that you have about banking. There is also a ‘Text Us’ Feature within our mobile app that will connect you with the participating branches.

  6. Make a payment. For all customers that have a loan and a deposit account, online banking, mobile banking, and text banking can accommodate transfers (to make a payment) once your accounts have been added. But if you do not bank with us, you can still make a payment using your routing and account numbers in our loan payment portal.  We also have bill pay which includes the person to person P2P banking feature within our app and online banking.


While the digital world is so easy to navigate, there are times that transactions include cash and must be handled on site, even if it’s after hours. For these times we do have Night Drops for all of our branches in addition to ATM’s at 13 locations. We’re proud to announce that in 2019 we’ll have an ATM that accepts deposits, including cash, at our Mathews location.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? Our Customer Solution Team is always happy to help. Please call 877-436-9032


Our business owners can benefit from the same great features noted above, through use of our Business Online Banking Platform. The business suite of services is enhanced to offer Remote Deposit Capture, Wires, ACH credit/debit, credit cards and more. Our business development officers are ready to come on site to bring banking to you. Through a conversation, they can get the information they need to set up your accounts without your ever having to step in the branch. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Stacey Akers from the Business Development Team or complete the contact form below.