Sometimes just getting through the workday as a small business owner can be tough. Especially those days when you look at the clock only to find it’s somehow already 2 p.m. You haven’t had lunch, your email inbox is overflowing, and your to-do list is seemingly endless.

If that sounds all too familiar, try these four tools to help tamper down your stress, amp up your productivity and make the workday go a little more smoothly.

  1. me – Email inboxes are a daily struggle. Get rid of all of the annoying spam emails that flood your inbox with Bonus: It’s free.
  2. Asana – Do lists help keep you on track at work? Asana provides users with the ultimate to-do list, complete with chat features and file upload options. You can even collaborate with coworkers and see employees’ progress on projects throughout the day.
  3. Teaux Deaux – If you love to-do lists, but get distracted by chat boxes and fancy features, try Teaux Deaux. It’s the perfect digital to-do list with a simple design and easy-to-use drag and drop function to rearrange tasks as your workload or priorities change.
  4. Indinero – Budgeting has never been easier. With Indinero you can manage all your expenses and budgets under one roof.