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Find the duck and win some bucks — up to $500!

You’ve read that right. With the relaunch of our Buck Stays Here Initiative, we are celebrating by hiding stuffed ducks in various locally owned businesses throughout our markets, which include: Richmond (Westhampton area), Williamsburg, Northern Neck, and Middle Peninsula. The goal is to get you and all of our friends out and supporting our local businesses.

Each region has been given up to 10 stuffed ducks to hide during each month of the campaign (October 1-December 20). Each ‘Chessie’ duck is a mallard, sporting a Chesapeake Bank kerchief and identifying number. The numbers will correlate to a cash prize that must be revealed and retrieved from any one of our bank branches. The businesses will not know the value of their duck. Prizes range from $25 to $500.

You can play along by getting out into our community and visiting locally owned and locally operated businesses. If you’re not sure which companies qualify, you can check out our NEW online business directory by visiting

“This directory offers details on hundreds of locally owned small businesses that are in the communities we serve,” says Paula Milsted, Chesapeake Bank Director of Marketing. “The Buck Stays Here™ Program is just one of the meaningful ways we support local businesses – if they thrive, so will our economy.”

For the more difficult to find ducks, clues will be sprinkled throughout the directory and to social media, as needed. With consent, winners will also be featured on our social media pages, along with ‘found duck’ stats.

To add to the fun, Executive Vice President, and duck hunter, John O’Shaughnessy put his duck calling skills to work by quacking it up in a few of our radio ads. “Ever since I was about 14 years old, I’ve been calling ducks,” said John. “Never in a million years did I think I’d be calling them in a recording studio!”

Be sure to quack back at him when you see him.

Now get out there, it’s ‘Chessie’ season. Happy Hunting! – No permits are required, but you must be 18 or older to participate.

Do you own a local business or manage a nonprofit and want to participate in The Buck Stays Here™ Program? It’s FREE!

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