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Best Bank – Best Employees

Chesapeake Bank takes a lot of pride in being a ‘Great Place To Work’. After all, it’s our employees who keep this ‘boat’ running and it’s our employees who interact with our customers each and every day. If things aren’t right where they are concerned, it affects all of us.

While our management teams come together often to brainstorm new ideas and track progress in this area, it’s always a rich moment when we’re recognized for what we strive for.  – The American Banker did just that when they placed us in the 21st position on their 2016 “Best Banks to Work For” survey.

This is a national survey completed by the Best Companies Group.  It offers 60 banks the opportunity to make the chart. The annual survey is designed around work place policies and practices which are formed into statements that employees must rank. Companies must opt in and at least 65% participation (of a 200 minimum) is required. A report is then given back to the organization so that they can address any comments or rankings collected.

We’re thankful to appear in rankings every year that this survey has been in existence. The first survey appeared in 2013 and we entered the chart in the 8th position. In 2014 we came in, in the 11th place. In 2015, our results dipped as we made internal adjustments to accommodate our growth — still on the record — we came in 42nd place.  The latest results climbed back up to 21st!

While we hire for culture and make every effort to train and equip our staff; it truly is our employees and what they bring to the table that makes the difference. We’d like to pass the spotlight onto them with our thanks-- for bringing their best to our bank each and every day!