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A1 Mobile Locksmith | Opening Doors, One Lock At A Time

Being a locksmith might not sound so “magical” or “heroic,” but if you just helped a mother free her child from a locked car, you may be perceived that way. This is exactly what the folks at A1 Mobile Locksmith have experienced when they’ve responded to those kinds of calls.

In another case, a call was received, one evening, where a mother and her six-year-old daughter had been locked out of their Williamsburg home. Once inside, the young child went straight to her bedroom and, on her unicorn stationary, wrote, “Dear Looksmith, Thank you for unlock our house so we don’t have to stay at the neighbor.” That note was framed and has been hanging in their shop ever since.

Adam Bullock and his wife, Jill, are the owners of A1 Mobile Locksmith. They pride themselves in their community and enjoy giving back wherever possible. But it’s calls like these that make their work meaningful.

The Day to Day

Most days the couple are making keys, extracting broken ones, responding to a variety of calls that could be similar to the ones above, or answering questions like the ones below:

  • What is the best lubricant to use on my lock?
    [WD-40 sprayed lightly in the keyhole.]

  • Can all of the locks in my home or business open with the same key?
    [Yes, as long as all of the locks are from the same manufacturer.]

Often those tips are personalized if either of them sees anything that you should be aware of while on site. Their down to earth personalities, generosity, and humor help to make even the frustrating situations a little lighter too.

While there are several different types of businesses that can assist with “locksmithing,” not all are licensed to do so. A1 is licensed (which requires the same background check as law enforcement). They are also insured. They operate 24-hours from a completely mobile “shop” in their van.

Down to Business

When asked what kind of advice they’d give another business, their response was to “always be honest, even when it hurts.” That’s their motto and they believe that, coupled with their passion for serving is what sets them apart from their competition.

As for banking, they switched from a big bank system last summer. They felt like no one knew them or cared to develop a relationship with them. They said that sometimes their previous bank was difficult and even unfriendly, which has not been the case with Chesapeake Bank. “Chesapeake Bank was welcoming from the start. Their service is personal, and questions are answered quickly from all of their different divisions.” – Jill Bullock

Because of their great experience with the bank staff, they also transitioned their merchant services to Chesapeake Payment Systems. Adam was happy to report that this change also saved him money. “The merchant services team took care of ordering the materials needed, aiding us in setting the equipment up, and explaining everything until it was understood. They even call periodically to check-in.”

Behind the lock

A1 Mobile Locksmith was founded in 1999 by Robert (Bob) and Denise Ouellette in Gloucester, Virginia. Bob has been the only Locksmith for the company until 2017 when Adam Bullock was brought on as an apprentice to take over the business with Jill eventually. Jill is the goddaughter of Denise and Robert Ouellette. The couple has spent the past 20 years in Gloucester County. While they love to serve their community, they believe that it’s just important for the community to know that when you’re supporting a small business, you’re also supporting real people, their families, and your local economy.

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