Personal Touch

A Personal Touch, In Business.

Every business requires a great deal of ‘to do’ items to make the business function properly and smoothly. Owners can easily be overwhelmed, meeting with clients, and then trying to keep up with what’s required behind the scenes. At Chesapeake Bank, we understand this. That is why our Business Development team is here to help make ‘doing business’ easier for you.

It’s easy for anyone to tout that they offer ‘friendly staff,’ ‘great service,’ or even a ‘personal touch’ but what does that look like for you at the end of the day? Well, we’d like to take a moment to describe HOW we provide those three details and how it would impact you.

Did you know?

  1. Our officers work for you! This means that we come onsite to deliver or pick up any documentation or equipment. We’ll even help you fill it out the necessary paperwork. We also like being involved in equipment installs and other business discussions.
  2. We’ll coach you through the details. Business owners have access to more information than ever, but it can be overwhelming trying to separate the good info from the bad. There also needs to be a good understanding of the risks and rewards of decisions; especially when it comes to fraud, security, the differences between products, etc. We want to share our knowledge with you; to make you aware of all of your options, talk through various scenarios, and then weigh them accordingly.
  3. We keep in touch. Whether it’s face to face, over the phone, by email, or even text! All options work for us. We also know that you don’t want to start all over every time you speak to someone, and we don’t want you to either. So we stay in touch long after the first account is set up or the next deal has been made. Your business will go on. We’ll go too!
  4. We’ll introduce you. Every business wants to get their name out in the community. There also comes a time when, as a business owner, you will need services from someone else but don’t know who to call. Because we are so involved in our communities, and because we do get to know the people residing in them, we can point people that are looking for your service, to you. We can also make recommendations when you’re the one in need. Networking, at its best, is what we do!

We don’t want to only be a ‘brick and mortar’ facility where you make deposits. Our people want to partner with you. Because when we handle our end of things, then you can get back to the parts of your business that you first envisioned. That’s what we’re here for.

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