$300,00 + Given in 2018. 6,150 Hours Volunteered, and 121 Organizations Served.

It's All About Community

As our President and CEO Jeff Szyperski once said ‘Community banks are only as strong as the communities they serve and all strong communities have a strong community bank in them. They really help each other grow!’

Whether we are business owners and employees; board members, volunteers; or friends and neighbors, it takes each of us working together and making a conscious decision to develop the communities that we’re in. –An intentional effort to serve.

We want to be a voice of local opportunities. We also want to help make doing your part a little easier. Whether it’s with non-profit and business accounts, sponsorships and events, or helping you share your story, we hope this site provides just that.

Thank you for the ways that you make our business and communities stronger. In return, let us know how we can support you better as well.

Community Banks and Shopping Locally

CEO, Jeff Szyperski

Listen to our CEO, Jeff Szyperski, share his thoughts on the role of community banks and the shop local initiative in Lancaster, Mathews, Gloucester, Richmond, and Greater Williamsburg.