Online Banking Updates

December 2021 (

New Features for All Users

  • Updated menu for managing grouped accounts
  • Additional fields in "Quick Transfer"
  • Ability to link to external financial institutions using authorization through Financial Tools (ex. Capital One & Chase Bank)
  • Ability to upload and download attachments from mobile app

New Features for Business Users

  • Transaction file mapper can be set as Fixed Widths or as Delimited
  • Create "Payment from File" without entitlement to manage recipients


  • Exporting with filters will now only include filtered transactions
  • "Last Update" date at "Account Details" display the correct date
  • Clarification of multifactor authentication (MFA) time out error for linked accounts
    • Allows multiple MFA attempts within a single session
    • Corrected "Error Aggregating" message when authenticating multiple MFA for linked accounts at once
  • Screen reader improvements
  • Fixed profile page error for new business users
  • Added a confirmation step after the user deletes SAC delivery method
  • Corrected the issue where, after a user created a new recurring transfer series and attempted to authenticate it with a Secure Access Code, the user received an error and the transaction remained in Drafted status
  • Fixed transfer issue where some accounts only displayed in "To Account" or "From Account" dropdown after amount was entered
February 2021 (

New Features for All Users:

  • Wire ABA look up within the online wire form
  • Account details listed in two columns
  • Images of memo posted checks
  • The ability to nickname the account from within the account details
  • Improved subcategorization tools within Financial Tools
  • Ability to unlink entire linked financial institution with one button within Financial Tools

New Features for Business Users

  • Global account nicknames
    • It allows a single user to set an account nickname for all users
  • Recipient dual control
    • Adds approval step for updating ACH/Wire recipient information for an added layer of security
  • Improved ACH email alerts


  • Check images print to scale
  • Customers can download larger amounts of online banking history at once