International Wire Instructions

Step 1: Log in

  • Log in to Online Banking, on the left-hand menu select 'Payments & Transfers', then select 'Send a Wire/ACH'.

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Step 2: Creating a Wire Transfer

  • Select 'New Payment', then 'International Wire' from the right-hand column under 'Wire'.

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Step 3: Origination Details and Processing Date are Based on User Access Rights

  • Choose which Subsidiary and account to use by clicking in the field marked “Search by Name” and clicking the option from a drop-down menu or by typing the name into the field.
    • Note: All online international wires will only be processed in U.S. currency. If you need to send foreign currency please contact your local branch.
  • The “Process Date” is the date the funds will leave the account, this will depend on whether or not the wire is submitted on a business day AND before 3:30 PM EST. Once a date is chosen, you will have the option to set a schedule for the wire transfer to make it a recurring wire transfer.


Step 4: Recipient Details

  •   If you already have a recipient saved as a template, you can search for recipients in the search box.

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  • If you need to create a new recipient, click on the Recipient/Account field, and select +New Recipient.
  • The Display Name is for your records only and does not appear on the wire transaction.  You may also enter an email address to receive email notifications.

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Step 5: Beneficiary Financial Institution Information 

  • Enter the Account or IBAN.  Select the IBAN button to verify that your IBAN is valid in length.  The Financial Institution Lookup search box allows you to select the Beneficiary Financial Institution and will pre-fill the applicable information for you or you can key the information.  The required fields have a * by them.
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  • Next, you will complete the Receiving Financial Institution fields: 
    • Name: Pacific Coast Bank
    • Wire Routing Number: 121042484

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  • The Intermediary Financial Institution is for the foreign intermediary bank that the receiving bank is using. This is not commonly used and is only required if included in the wire instructions.

Step 6: Beneficiary Details

  • Beneficiary Name is the recipient’s name as it is recognized by the beneficiary financial institution, this will travel with the wire transaction. Enter the recipient’s address as well. 
  • Beginning November 30, 2020: it will be required to include the two-character country code for the beneficiary’s address and must be separated by a space.  Please search for the appropriate code here:
    • For example: Republica De Italia IT
    • The code should be added to the end of the address, it does not need to be in a separate field.
    • If you encounter any issues locating the country code, feel free to contact your local branch or business development officer.

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  • Once all applicable fields are complete you can select either “Use Without Save” or “Save Recipient”.
    • “Use Without Save” will not save the recipient’s information for future transactions.
    • “Save Recipient” will save the recipient's information for future use.
  • Once a recipient is keyed or selected you can enter the dollar amount of the wire transfer.

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Step 7: Additional Wire Information

  • Select Additional Wire Information:
    • It is required that you key this in the FI to FI Information field: 
      • /FRB2FX
  • Message to Beneficiary is a field that will travel with the wire to the recipient.  For example, you could include an invoice number if you’d like.
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  • The Description field will not travel for the wire.  It is for your internal purposes only. 
  • Lastly, you can choose to “+Add another wire” or “Cancel”, “Draft”, “Approve” the wire you’ve created.

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  • Drafting a transaction will provide you with a Batch ID as well as a Total Amount. Follow the prompts to notify your approvers and/or view the drafted payment in the Activity Center.
  • Only users with the authorization to approve wire transfers will be able to approve. 
  • All drafted or approved wires can be reviewed in the Activity Center.


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