When you like what you're doing, it shows.

At Chesapeake Financial Shares, we believe that the best way to offer customers excellent service is to create an environment in which our employees enjoy their jobs. In other words, a Great Place to Work.

Chesapeake is not new to this, either. We’ve been in business since 1900 and have strong roots in the values of community banking. At the same time, we’ve remained on the leading edge of our industry because we are continually seeking new and better ways to do business and serve our customers.

We’re looking for people who can see possibilities. People who want to set and achieve goals. Who want to continue to grow and develop throughout their career with us. Who genuinely enjoy helping others. And who share our commitment to the communities we serve.

If that’s you, I hope you’ll contact us to learn more about employment opportunities at Chesapeake.

Jeff Szyperski


Work where great things happen every day.

Why is Chesapeake a Great Place to Work? Just ask our employees. We did, and although there are many more reasons than these, here are the top 10:

  1. Teamwork. Although independent thought and strong personal goals are critically important, our work is accomplished within teams. — Loan Administration Manager, 6 months of service
  2. Respect. Chesapeake’s employees, from senior management on down, treat their fellow employees with respect. — Executive Assistant, 28 years of service
  3. Commitment. If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t quit my job! — Administrative Support employee, 1 year of service
  4. People. Our people make it happen. — Loan Administration employee, 7 years of service
  5. Fun. Where else can you have so much fun and still get paid? — Cash Flow employee, 6 years of service
  6. Rewards and recognition. Chesapeake recognizes, develops and rewards employees for their ability, performance and effort. — Branch Training Coordinator, 7 years of service
  7. We’re individuals. Employees are much more than numbers here. Every person is treated as a key part of the family that makes Chesapeake so successful. — Business Development Officer, Williamsburg, 1 year of service
  8. Atmosphere. Everyone who works here is friendly and fun, and we love to make our newcomers feel welcome and keep our customers happy! — Gloucester teller, 8 months of service
  9. We’re family. Chesapeake is a Great Place To Work because the people here are like a second family. — Williamsburg teller, 2 years of service
  10. Employees come first. Chesapeake puts employees first in everything, from helping you make career changes within the bank to benefits for you and your family. — Cash Flow employee, 20 years of service

Competitive pay is just the beginning.

Our comprehensive benefits package is another reason why Chesapeake Financial Shares is a Great Place to Work. In addition to your salary, typical compensation includes:

  • Choice of personal health insurance plans
  • Vision and dental benefit
  • Wellness program with gym discounts
  • Employer-funded 401(k) retirement plan
  • Employer-funded Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Basic life insurance at three times salary
  • Two weeks of paid vacation initially
  • Typically, 10 paid holidays per year
  • Tuition reimbursement program for work–related education
  • Corporate casual dress every Friday
  • Lucrative performance incentives for every position
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You grow, we grow. It's a win-win.

Business is growing at Chesapeake Financial Shares, and our employees are growing along with us. You’ll enjoy a satisfying and challenging career here, thanks to:

  • A mentoring program that pairs new staff with senior managers
  • Clearly defined performance goals, matched to generous incentives
  • Tools and guidance to help you chart a career path with us
  • Classes and courses that prepare you for advancement