Commercial Real Estate

Get the financing you need to make room for growth

Whether you’ve outgrown your office space, need to add another location, or opening up a new shop, Chesapeake Bank offers the financing your business needs for growth and expansion. If you have a need for more space or facilities that means your business is growing, and times are good. You can count on our expert service and simple process to get you quick access to the financing you need for construction, development, and acquisition of your commercial property.


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Quick Turnaround

A local lender gives you fast access to the lending your business needs.


Competitive Rates

Chesapeake Bank offers competitive fixed or variable rates and flexible terms.

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Personalized Terms

We get to know your business, how it works and what it needs. We'll develop a loan package that fits your unique business.

Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate loan is a commercial loan secured by income-producing properties such as commercial office buildings, individual buildings, or residential apartment buildings. Requirements are reasonable and terms are flexible, with each loan designed around your business needs.

Our specialists help you with the process:


  • Local decision-making and approval
  • Secured by income-producing property
  • Easy fixed or adjustable-rate monthly payments
  • Sign up for auto-debit of payments to save time
  • Add online banking for help with budgeting
  • Dedicated business lender to help you through the loan process and beyond
  • Free Merchant Services statement review
  • Annual business check-up with your business lender - review how you're business is doing and how to move forward

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