ACH Services

Minimize Time, Expense, and Risk with ACH Services

Reduce the time and maintain control while disbursing funds. By discontinuing paper checks in favor of our ACH payment services, you can save money for your business, maximize security, and bring receivables in faster.

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ACH payments allow for paperless electronic payments to individuals, companies, and governments.

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Eliminate the burdensome workflows related to check storage, printing, folding stuffing, and metering mail.

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Cost Effective

Experience lower fees for ACH transactions compared to wire transfers or paper checks and precisely forecast your cash flow and payment accuracy.

What are the Advantages of ACH?

From a business’s perspective, ACH payments offer many advantages including:

  • No need to write checks. Scheduling automatic ACH payments makes the process even easier.
  • Payments can be processed and confirmed quickly
  • Businesses can date payments for the same day or schedule for a future date.
  • Less paper means businesses can be more environmentally friendly

For business owners, the primary benefit of accepting ACH payments is speed. ACH can significantly reduce the amount of time devoted to payment processing.

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