Sweep Accounts

A sweep account is a business banking account that automatically shifts (or “sweeps”) cash balances that are in excess of a set minimum balance into an investment account at the end of each business day.

Benefits of Sweep Accounts:

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Increased Investment

A sweep account allows a business to invest smaller dollar amounts on a regular basis. This allows you to get higher returns on cash that might otherwise dwindle in your business checking accounts.

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Sweep accounts are super convenient. Chesapeake Bank automatically moves the extra cash into an investment account for you without requiring you to make the transfer yourself.

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Maintained Balances

A sweep account works for you to keep your minimum balance where you need it. If your cash balance drops below your minimum, cash is swept back in to cover withdrawals.

Set up Cash Management Today

Because most small businesses don’t have the time or capital to reap the benefits of more profitable investments, sweep accounts make a lot of sense. If you keep business checking balances over $100,000, ask your Chesapeake Bank business banker for more information about a Chesapeake Bank sweep account. Or contact one of our Local Branches.

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